Download WhatsApp for PC & Android, WhatsApp for Computer

WhatsApp for PC is an android messenger that can be used to send very many messages, videos, audio message and photos to your friends already using it. You can get free download whatsApp for PC and install it to enjoy its services. The following steps can guide to install and free download whatsApp for PC or Computer.

How to Install Whatsapp for PC

To install whatsApp on PC, first thing, you need to have apk file for this app. This can be downloaded from the internet. Bluestack, intelAppUp or youwave application can be downloaded and used for this purpose of installing whatsApp for PC. Bluestackis emulator application that gives you an opportunity to play whatsApp on PC.

How to download Whatsapp for PC

Whatsapp for PC with BlueStacks

After downloading the bluestack, install it on your PC. A welcoming screening will appear after you have chosen to run bluestack application as your PC administrator. The press the continue button that appears on the bottom right part of your screen. Click on the install button that subsequently appears. Bluestack will be executing it function and we proceed to install whatsApp for PC or Computer.

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Open the bluestack app installed and use it to search for the whatsApp for PC application. On the top right click on the search icon located there to open the windows. On the search bar type the exact word ie ‘whatsApp for PC’ and the click to find the app. The whatsApp for PC messenger will appear after searching, click on this messenger to open a one-time setup. Clicking on the one time setup leads to synchronization window. Then click on the “click sync setup”. Then you have successively installed the whatsApp for PC messenger.

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You need to initiate your session using your preferred communication accounts like gmail. In case you use more than one android device in one account you will be prompted to select your mobile device. After selecting from the given list, click on done. Then click on the finish button to end the process.

After this return to the window ‘one time setup and click on the let’s go button. Then enter the google play and click on ‘to agree’ button. Then follow the next steps to configure your whatsApp for PC


Download WhatsApp for Windows 8

  • Select you country in the option given
  • Enter your country code and your phone number.
  • Click the OK button to display a message alerting you that the number will be verified. After that, you will receive a message to the number you wrote. The message contains verification code to use in the checkcase.
  • After verification, you are requested to set your user name.
  • Now you already have active whatsApp on PC installed. You can add contacts on it by using gmail or dropbox whichever is simple to use. This can be done byclicking on the second button to display menu. Select the second option from the four displayed and it shows the contact list. On the new contact, add the information regarding each contact.
  • Click on done after completion of the filling exercise. Now you can use Whatsapp for PC, and it’s the same process by using WhatsUp