WeChat for PC Download Free, WeChat for Computer (Windows 7, Mac)

Another trendy app which android has in the market and has hit the tops in this globe is WeChat for PC. WeChat was made for android phones but the limitations which were there at the first time have been removed. Am talking about having android emulator which allows you have any android app on your PC. With this software you can be able to have WeChat for PC or Computer.

Use wechat on Computer

This app comes with lots of attractive features and this is one of the main things which have made it become one of the most downloaded apps. It is a social app which allows any user to chat with people who he or she is connected to despite the location on this earth.

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If you have been looking for an app which you can use to make group chats then download WeChat. This is different from the mobile phone you use to make group conversation and you are charged. While using this app, you only need to be connected to internet and you will communicate to your friends. Another thing is that you can make video calls, make chats, voice calls, and send chats with some emoticons which make it more interesting. You will also be able to find friends and invite them to join you on WeChat. Apart from using this WeChat for PC, you may also be lucky to have a Symbian, Blackberry or Windows phone device and you can as well download WeChat.

Download WeChat for Android Smartphone from Google Play

Download WeChat for Windows 7

  • Go to Bluestacks official websites and you will get a link a link to download Bluestacks

Usefull resource:  Download Bluestacks for Windows 8 RT

  • Install it on your computer once the download is complete
  • Locate where the software has gone on your files or desktop and open it
  • Once it is open, check on the Bluestacks apps to see whether you can find WeChat for PC or Computer there and download it. If not, go to the search box and type in the keyword, ‘WeChat for PC’ and click to download.
  • When it completes downloading, you will be able to see the app on Bluestacks’ my apps.
  • So, now there it is. Open my apps folder and click on WeChat for Laptop
  • Once you open you will be required to give your id and phone number. But if you have an existing account then you just need to enter it.
  • After that WeChat will send you a code which you will use to officially activate your account.

Why Download Wechat for PC

Having SmartPhone in the world today, you may wonder why you should download WeChat for Laptop.  Well, I must admit not everyone who is lucky enough to have this Smartphone. To my surprise some few weeks back I passed by some stalls and saw a 1100 body which motivated me on helping people who might want to have such like android apps on their PCs. We understand that most homes have desktops and they can have WeChat for PC. Another thing is that you may want to use WeChat while charging your phone or if you want to use a bigger device than your phone for better view. It is easy and possible to use these apps be it games or social apps.

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Today you can use WeChat on Facebook and be connected to your friends or even invite them to join you. This is if you would like to keep in touch even when you are not logged in on Facebook among other reasons. You can download WeChat for PC at any time as well as on other devices since it is a free app. If in case you need more information about this app, Google play store can give you the rating, tell you how many times it has been downloaded and you can get reviews on the same. This will help you get more details which may help you especially when talking about WeChat for PC with your friends.